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Sii360 Inc. is a full service sewer infrastructure inspection company based in Edmonton, Alberta.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality pipeline inspection technologies.

With our unique equipment, we have ability to capture every centimeter of pipe from multiple angles - we GUARANTEE you will never miss an observation!

What makes our product different from the competition is twofold. One is the actual technology and second is the years of experience of our shareholders who believe in high quality and customer service. Further we are the first full service company that will be able to supply a fully digital format to our customers.

The equipment we have is unique in that it provides digital imaging and upgraded hardware that allows for a full 360 degree view of lines that is not available with the older technology. The digital imaging provides the customer with higher quality images and has the ability to enhance problem areas with more clarity than was previously possible able to with the older systems.

Other major advantages are:

sii360 logo Ability to inspect 2X as much pipe per day

sii360 logo Increased image resolution up to 6X

sii360 logo Digital imaging does not suffer from motion blur

sii360 logo Better reporting analysis

sii360 logo Full 360 degree view in one swipe, which decreases inspection time

sii360 logo Easier control of cameras allowing faster imaging angles, thus decreasing time