Manhole Inspections

Sii360 undertakes camera inspections of manholes or chambers for a variety of clients including municipalities, utility companies and contractors, who demand meticulously detailed and accessible reporting.  Identifying and acting upon any structural defects and leaks in a manhole before they get too severe is common sense.


We have the Panoramo SI Manhole Camera

Manholes can vary greatly in size and depth, so it’s important that our inspection equipment not only suits any application and situation, but also provides the right level and type of data reporting. That’s why we use the acclaimed IBAK Panoramo SI.  Perfect for inspecting manholes or chambers of 300mm diameter and above.

Instead of recording a video image, the Panoramo SI takes thousands of photos, which the software joins together to give this complete, 360º, 3D view.  Whenever you want to view the recorded footage, you simply navigate your way around using your PC and mouse to view any areas or angles you choose —  rather than having to look only at the sections the CCTV operator chose to record. You can move freely, without any limitations: stop in any position, pan 360º, zoom, take snapshots, even look to the rear. It’s an all-round view. At the same time, you can generate an ‘opened’ or ‘unfolded’ view of the manhole; perfect for a rapid overview of the structure’s condition and an opportunity to take any necessary measurements.

In summary the Panoramo SI Camera has the following characteristics:

  • Complete 360° perspective view
  • Able to view at any angle
  • Unfolded view allows the entire manhole surface to be looked at on one screen
  • Geometric view measures features/defects in 3D space – CAD compatible


Check out the sample visual reporting shown here. With Panoramo SI, seeing really is believing!

For more information or to book a Sii360 Panoramo SI manhole inspection, contact Sii360 here.