Projects with Municipalities

Municipal Project: Strathcona County required the cleaning and inspection of the 34th Street sanitary trunk sewer line

  • Location: Strathcona County
  • Contact: Rick Wyman
  • Date: July and August 2014

Sii360:  provided CCTV camera inspection and cleaning of 3400 meters of the sanitary trunk line.


Municipal Project: The Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) required inspection of the South East Regional Trunk Sewerage System (SERTS) and Manholes - North of Yellowhead to Sherwood Park

  • Location: Strathcona County
  • Contact: Matt Johnson
  • Date: October and November 2014

Sii360: Provided camera inspection of  2,843m of 1200 - 1500mm Sanitary Trunk line and 11 manholes


Municipal Project: Strathcona County required cleaning and inspection of Woodbridge Farms sanitary sewer

  • Location: Sherwood Park
  • Contact: Rick Wyman
  • Date: June - August 2015

Sii360: Provided flush and camera inspection of 9,837m of 200 - 900mm sanitary sewer