Lateral Sewer Inspections

Designed for surveys of lateral drains, sewers and pipes, Sii360 chose the LISY Lateral Launch System which is quick and cost effective because it works from the mainline sewer without the need to access each property.

The most impressive feature of the LISY technology is how easily it controls. Even without prior experience with this type of system, you can be launching effectively within minutes.  Easier to operate, less costly to maintain, more durable and capable of a much higher production.

The ORION-L camera was designed specifically to work with the LISY Lateral Launch system.  With the ORION-L Sii360 can choose the direction of travel once inside the smaller pipeline. When Sii360 encounters a pipe fitting such as a “tee” or a “y”, they simply direct the lateral navigating stick on the front of the pan and tilt camera into the pipe they want to travel.  Once positioned the system will push the camera forward and it will move into the line they chose, where they can continue their inspection. This camera also includes a built-in transmitter for location above ground - perfect for locating missing lines or defects before digging!


LISY Lateral Launch summary

  • Inspect laterals 75mm and larger from mainlines 150mm to 1200mm
  • Steerable pan and tilt launch camera into services
  • Push rod length for laterals up to 36 meters

For more information or to book a Sii360 lateral service inspection, contact Sii360 here.