Sewer Mainline Inspections

You might not be able to see what is happening to your underground sanitation infrastructure, but there are plenty of reasons why you should determine if it is in good working order.  Waste water infrastructures decay and become compromised over time.  Municipalities depend on sewer video inspections to keep the local waste water system in good working order. 

Sii360 has the most up to date video inspection equipment, with pin point accuracy we can find the problem quickly and easily, making for quicker repair.

Sii360's Panoramo 3D Optoscanner surveys 360 degrees of a pipe, so it sees and records every millimetre of a drain or sewer at one pass. Travelling at up to 35cm per second, Panoramo Cameras take thousands of photos which the software then joins together to give a 3D view of the pipe. The viewer is not limited to seeing what the operator chose to record, but can navigate the drain or sewer at his or her own speed, via the recorded footage, as if it were real-time. Using Panoramo like a virtual camera, you can pan, rotate, stop, turn full circle, zoom, capture images, measure distances — even produce an unfolded view of the pipe’s inner surface.  Technicians can assess the structural condition and integrity of the sewer mainline on screen.  It is quick, convenient and does not cause any disruption to your property or the environment.


Panoramo Mainline Cameras

  • Inspect more than twice as much pipe per day
  • Increases image resolution by six times (compared to traditional CCTV)
  • Offers complete 360° perspective view
  • High resolution unfolded view – accurate measurements of defects
  • Alternate camera sizes and wheels allow for inspection of sewer mainlines of all diameters


For more information or to book a Sii360 Panoramo mainline inspection, contact Sii360 here.