T66, T76 and T86 Tractors

IBAK T66, T76, T86 Tractors

IBAK T66, T76, T86 Tractor Features

The IBAK T66 is a Steerable Camera Tractor for the inspection of sewers of DN 100 (4 inches) and up.

It can either be used as a portable inspection system or for extending an existing camera tractor system. A variety of camera connections, wheel sets and a tractor extension kit make it possible to configure the T66 optimally for different requirements. It is equipped with the modular IBAK camera connection so that all IBAK cameras can be operated with the T66. IBAK T66 Tractor

In narrow spaces the T66 copes in combination with the camera connection which can be panned and folded. Because the folding connector for the camera cable can also be moved horizontally and vertically, the camera tractor can be easily inserted into any pipe of DN 100 and up, as well as through compact manholes and maintenance openings.

The T66 has a heavier chassis for added traction, smaller external dimensions and greater pulling strength than its predecessors.

The T66 contains an electronic stabilisation function called Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC). This function provides active overturn protection by using an internal sensor which recognizes when the tractor is beginning to climb the pipe wall and will automatically steer the tractor back to the centre of the pipeling. This reduces the chances of time consuming and expensive repairs caused by flipping over during operation.

Small and agile, yet more powerful than tractors twice its size, the T66 is the core of an effective inspection systems for pipelines ranging from 4" (100mm) to over 24" (600mm) in diameter.

The IBAK T76 is a robust and Steerable Camera Tractor for the inspection of sewers of DN 150 (6 inches) and up.

In combination with a lowering device, the vertically and horizontally bendable folding connector for the camera cable and the bendable camera connection assure easy handling. The camera tractor can be easily and conveniently introduced into any pipe of DN 150 and up – with the corresponding accessories also through manholes with diameters of DN 300 and DNIBAK T 76 Tractor 400 and up.

The wheel sets are supplied with the camera tractor and the optional integrated electronic height adjusting device; this allows convenient inspections with a centred camera in pipe diameters up to DN 700 For pipes with larger diameters, suitable accessories are available.

The T76 also utilizes the Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC) feature. All components and sub-assemblies are designed for maximum robustness and reliability. The T76 is capable of accepting a LISY Lateral Launch System attachment turning it into a complete mainline and lateral launch solution. Features also include zero radius steering and a folding 2-axis rear connector. Accessories include a remote controlled elevators for lifting the camera above the water line and inclinometers for mapping or verifying the slope of the pipeline.

The IBAK T86 is an efficient camera tractor for inspecting pipes of DN 200 (8 inches) and up.

The T86 is the high power cousin of the T76. By trading steerability for a single, more powerful motor which enables it to perform pipe inspections proficiently over long distances.IBAK T86 Tractor

The T86 is heavier, providing more traction, which makes it more capable for pulling out more cable and traversing larger amounts of debris. The T86 is therefore ideal for storm drains and large diameter pipelines. After inspection, the tractor's fast reverse speed makes it possible to finish the work procedures quickly. The T86 includes an integrated transmitter for locating it above ground.

All T86 components and sub-assemblies are designed for maximum robustness and reliability.

Both the T76 and the T86 are designed to form part of a modular system consisting of the tractor base, the camera base, a height adjusting device and wheels. Both tractors can easily be assembled and reconfigured as required by the user with just a few manual actions.