Flushing & Cleaning

Flushing & Cleaning Equipment List:

  • 2017 Kenworth JHL Recycler truck (1st of its kind in Canada) 200m of 1 ¼” hose
  • 2012 International Workstar c/w Aquatech B10
  • 2016 Freightliner Vacall Flusher Combination Unit
  • Keg Flail cutter for cutting / removal of roots and encrustations in pipe
  • Both units equipped with approximately 258m (800 feet) of 1” flusher hose
  • Easement machine
  • Cleaning Equipment

    • High & low pressure cleaning
    • Jet up to 80 GPM of water at 2000 psi
    • Clean / cut defects in mainlines ranging from 75mm to 3000mm
    • Vacuum debris settled in underground services
    • Hydro excavation services offered
    • Ability to flush & clean sewer laterals from the sewer mainline
    • Able to recycle water from sewer to clean sewers with output of 124 GPM at 2175 psi
    • Able to attach easement machine and get an additional 180m of flushing length


Ability to inspect 2x as much pipe day.


Achieve a full 360° degree unobstructed view of the manhole and sewer pipes.

Future of Inspections


Digital imaging does not suffer from motion blur.


Illuminate up to 48" pipelines.

Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm

2C Saskatchewan Ave W
Devon, Alberta T9G 1E7

Email info@sii360.ca