Sewer Inspection

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Inspection is one of the most effective methods used to determine the condition of existing and newly installed pipelines such as gravity flow sewers, above ground industrial piping, gas distribution piping and water mains from a structural, maintenance and physical perspective.

Lateral Inspection

Lateral inspections are sewer lines connecting the residence or business to the main sewer system.  Lateral assessment is a vital component in the inspection, maintenance and renovation of collections systems.  These inspections check for deficiencies in the pipe such as blockages, cracks or cross boring and can be done from the mainline without any inconvenience to the property owner.  We have the ability of locating the alignment and depth of the sewer as the camera has a built in sonde which can be traced above ground with a locator.

Manhole Inspections

Manhole inspections can now be done without having to enter a Manhole.  The camera can give a full 360 view, inverts of pipes, sizes of pipes and a conditional assessment of the Manhole.

The Future of inspection technology


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