Panoramo Camera Systems


Camera Systems

150mm (6") and up

IBAK designed PANORAMO® from the ground up to address the weaknesses of traditional sewer inspection technology. The PANORAMO® method changes your current process into data collection in the field and data analysis back in the office. The technology enables your employees to work to their potential and avoid costly mistakes caused by inattention or stress. At the core of the PANORAMO® system are the wide angle (185º) twin digital cameras. These cameras are installed on the front and rear of the system and capture still images as they move through the pipeline. Extremely powerful Xenon strobes illuminate up to 48” pipelines, and the still pictures captured by the cameras produce high-resolution digital images that do not suffer from motion blur even at the highest inspection speeds. The PANORAMO® system has very few moving parts, allowing for easier maintenance than that of traditional pan & tilt cameras.

Panoramo Si – Manhole Camera

Camera Systems

300mm (12”) to 3050mm (120”)

No other system captures the quality or quantity of data that PANORAMO SI does. Other 3D optical manhole scanners are slow, clumsy, and unsafe & we all know how much of a pain using a pole camera for sewer inspection can be. With its unique ability to capture every inch of the manhole, you will never miss an observation. Keep your employees safe, increase the productivity and accuracy of your crews and provide clear data that helps system owners make informed decisions.

Full Service Sewer Infrastructure Inspection


Sii360's Commitment

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients, with our technologically advanced equipment, knowledgeable staff and ability to do work in a safe environment.

Twin Digital Cameras

Ability to inspect 2x as much pipe day.

No Motion Blur

Achieve a full 360° degree unobstructed view of the manhole and sewer pipes.

Future of Inspections

185º wide angle

Digital imaging does not suffer from motion blur.

Xenon strobes

Illuminate up to 48" pipelines.

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